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As a follow-up to my article about getting the attention of staff at the start of a corporate training class or workshop, here’s another post for Yes And Improv that I published at LinkedIn Pulse about creating a more engaging training program using techniques from improvisation:

Does your staff put on a face of indignation whenever the term “mandatory training” is mentioned?  Perhaps it’s time to rethink your organization’s style of instruction and liven things up, especially if you heavily rely on passive learning, where your staff is expected to soak up knowledge from a facilitator while staying glued to their seat.

In that type of training, staff are meant to absorb all the material thrown at them and then retain it later. In a strictly passive training scenario, students aren’t assessed as to how they are actually taking in and processing the material over the course of the class. They’re simply expected to “get it,” but oftentimes, once they get back to their office or workplace setting, they find that they didn’t retain as much of the material as required.

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