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I’m very excited for the style of long-form improvisation we’re going to cover for April at the Nashville Improv & Comedy Meetup!  We’ll be going over the two-person improv style that’s pretty familiar in the big name improv cities (e.g., Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles), but pretty unheard of in Nashville.  It’s a style that really flexes your acting muscles, while pulling together just about every improv skill you have, regarding listening, supporting, making bold choices, etc.  Here’s how it works: two improvisers take the stage and then do a performance centered around one moment in time, usually based around one main location.  It’s kind of like a monoscene, though you don’t necessarily need to be constrained by one place.  The two performers can fill in as other characters as necessary, if it makes logical sense that these other characters would be in that same space.

As I noted above, this style of improvisation really requires strong character choices, listening skills, and support of your scene partner, so it’s a fairly advanced form of improv being that you relying entirely on yourself and your partner to do a good show.  There’s no backline of improvisers ready to jump in for you if your scene starts dying!  When done well, this style looks very theatrical, as opposed to the quick gamey focus of so much improv today, so it feels very satisfying too, since every performance is different.

If you’re up for the challenge of trying this out, sign up at the event page today!

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