Last weekend, we had a really fun, different event for the Nashville Improv & Comedy Meetup: we took it outdoors.  Other than some overcast and rainy weather leading up to the event scaring a number of people away, it was successful and we all had a great time. (And very luckily, the bad weather broke just before we were to start!)  If you find that you’re getting a bit tired of improvising or practicing in the same space all the time, consider shaking things up by taking it outdoors!  If you can find a good, open park somewhere, or even a nice space in someone’s back yard, the outdoor air and the sky above might be just what you need to feel revitalized.  Plus, depending on how your group operates, you may be able to invite extra people along since you’re not cramped indoors somewhere!

(Above photo of Derek and Darin, organizers of the Nashville Improv & Comedy Meetup group, is courtesy of member Darlene).

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