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I’ve been working with Nashville’s Yes And improv group to create a variety of professional development workshops for the business community.  Below is what appeared in Yes And’s latest email newsletter, describing what we can offer you:

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Last year Forbes posted an article on how improv skills are important to have in the business world. In order to help out the common man, Yes And has partnered with a Curriculum Director, Derek Slawson, to help us design professional development workshops that utilize improv techniques and theories to teach professional business skills.

Here’s where you come in! If your company offers professional development courses to its employees, and you are sick and tired of ironically sitting in front of a PowerPoint presentation learning how to be a better communicator, we’d like to help! Just shoot an email over to, and we will get in touch with you to design a workshop that meets your company’s needs.

Now, back to me (Derek)… This is a great opportunity for a business, large or small, to do a fun and unique learning experience for your staff!  We can do a general team-building workshop for you, help your sales staff with the skills critical to bringing in new or repeat business, get you out of an innovation rut, etc.  Whatever your needs, we can provide you a customized workshop!  Again, get in touch via, and we’d be happy to discuss what we can do for you.


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