Improv stage

Nashville is a fantastic city. There’s no shortage of stuff to do here, and the weather is terrific (save for those couple of months mid-summer where stepping outside is like walking into a sauna!). One thing that isn’t in abundance, however, are stages that are friendly to sketch comedy and improv. We have a couple places dedicated to stand-up, but the more theatrical side of comedy relies on the odd stage hiding at the back of a coffee shop or bar, and then at most, it hosts one, maybe two shows a month.

I’ve been looking for a stage somewhere that is open to hosting more comedy nights per month but haven’t had much success yet. There are a TON of stages around town, but most of them, naturally, are dedicated to musical endeavors. If you run a place with a stage and would like a different kind of entertainment at least once a week (especially if you don’t have a full line-up scheduled each week), please get in touch with me via email or twitter! I’d love to help set up an improv jam, where improvisers of all levels of experience can come together and perform for fun, and perhaps even an evening where local comedy writers can try out their sketches.

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