Nashville Improv & Comedy Meetup logoIf you hurry, you can still sign up for the improv workout event I’m hosting for the Nashville Improv & Comedy Meetup!  You can always get onto the wait list once the limit of participants is hit – we inevitably have a few cancellations prior to the day.  But you can guarantee a spot if you sign up now.

I’ll be going over a number of exercises to reinforce good Yes, And technique, which will work your listening and scene initiation skills, for starters.  The idea is that these will be great exercises for people that are new to improv, while also reminding veterans of proper technique, since it’s easy to pick up bad habits over time that can hurt your scene work.

If you can’t make it to this event, I’m happy to do some private coaching if you have a group that could benefit from this, too!  Contact me via email or twitter if so.

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